Respite is a service that provides short term relief to the primary caregiver from the day to day responsibilities of caring for a person with developmental disabilities.  Respite can be provided in the family home or the community.  Examples of community activities could be going to the park, the mall, or the movies.  The primary caregiver may be at home or out while services are being provided.  The provider may also accompany the family while out in the community.


This is a service that provides teaching daily living and life skills to assist individuals in becoming as independent as possible in their day to day lives.  This involves tracking and recording progress daily.   Examples of habilitation goals could include social skills, safety skills, independent living skills, etc.  These goals will vary from individual to individual depending upon need.

Attendant Care:

Attendant care is a service that provides care to an individual that they cannot provide for themselves.  This service may allow an individual to remain in their home by providing sanitary and safe conditions.  Some examples within this service may include bathing, meal prep, assistance with toileting, grooming, house keeping, and shopping.